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Families & Friends

Keeping Your Loved Ones Close: Live Streaming Funeral Services To Connect Friends And Family From Afar

What Is A Live Stream?

A funeral can be live streamed by using cameras to record the service and broadcasting it online. This recorded service can be viewed either in real-time (live) or at any time after the service has ended.

The stream may be viewed by a private audience or a public audience - on a computer, phone, tablet or television.

Increased Attendance & Personalization

Livestreaming enables a larger audience to attned the funeral service, which can provide comfort the bereaved and increase sense of community. Streaming invites individuals from anywhere in the world to participate in the service, which can be important for families with loves ones living overseas.  

Personalization - Livestreaming can also provide an opportunity for the bereaved to personalize the funeral service by incorporating special music, videos, and other elements into the broadcast.


Livestreaming allows friends and family members who are unable to attend the service in person, participate remotely. Live streaming can be easily scheduled at a time that is convenient for all attendees, regardless of their location.

Comfort & Support

Livestreaming allows friends and family members to participate in the funeral service from the comfort of their own homes, providing a sense of support and community for the bereaved.

Studies show, for those unable to attend in person, that attending a livestream helps begin the grieving process.

Cost Effective

Livestreaming eliminates the need for additional equipment and expensive vendors making it a cost-effective alternative to traditional videography services.

Livestreaming also eliminates the need for families to make arrangements for travel, accommodation and other logistics, thereby reducing stress and providing a more manageable experience. Livestreaming services are typically easy to set up and manage, requiring only a computer, camera and internet connection, making it a simple solution for funeral homes to offer to families.

Record Keeping

Livestreamed services can be recorded and saved for future reference, serving as a lasting memory of the service. Livestreaming creates a permanent record of the funeral service, which can be a valuable tool for building a legacy and preserving memories for future generations.

If you are a Friend & Family Member, who is interested in having your funeral service livestreamed by Homage Live,
please contact your Funeral Director at your local Funeral Home. We will be happy to discuss next steps with them.

What Our Families Say

Portrait of a Senior Man

Daniel Kahn, Son Of Loved One

We didn't think we would ever need to stream, but I'm so glad we did. When we saw the online reception and support of our Mother, we were blown away. My Mother's friends and colleagues watched from overseas. It showed us the impact she left on the world.

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