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Our Features

We exists at the cross roads of leading edge technology and comprehensive service. Our team is hard at work developing and improving the tools that will make your service memorable and meaningful.
Landing Page.png

Custom Landing Page

Homage Live creates a custom landing page for your loved one. You can include obituaries, and other important information such as flower vendors and donation links. 

With our fail-safe streaming you can have confidence that your video will not have any ads, and no audio copyright issues as with other streaming platforms.

Production Team 2.png

Production Team

For each stream you get a professional production team: 

Producer - you main point of contact and show organizer

Graphic Designer - creating custom graphics for your event with personalized color scheme

Technical Director - Operating live cameras and audio mixing

Our team quality checks and test streams one hour before each event to ensure broadcast quality.

Live Or Later.png

Live or Later

Viewers have the ability to watch the private memorial service live, and interact with other attendees from across the world. If your loved one missed the live ceremony, don't worry we have a backup recording so that the service can be reviewed at a later time of their own choosing.

Chat _ Digital Signage.png

Chat /
Digital Signature Book

Our chat platform allows your live attendees the ability to offer their condolences, share stories of loved ones, send well wishes, or connect with other viewers.
The chat is saved and delivered to the family as a keepsake.

Translation Services.png

Live CART / Translations

As our world is becomes more expansive and inclusive, we are proud to lead the industry in offering Live CART services for our Deaf / Hard Of Hearing audience.

Is your viewing audience in another country? Does your audience have a different native tongue?
Let Homage Live
bridge the gap.
Additionally, we offer live translation services that can translate from the streaming language into 103 different  languages. 

Stream To Your Site.png

Stream To Your Own Site

We partner with funeral homes to ensure our streamed services are a good fit for our homes. If you have a current tribute page for your families, we can integrate with your current page to embed the livestream. This will allow the traffic to stay on your site, improve your brand recognition, and simplify your workflow. 

Adaptive Resolution.png

Adaptive Layout

Your audience will watch your service from any number of devices or browsers - Android, iPhone, iPad, Macbook, Linux, Firefox, Safari, Google Chrome.

Our stream layout adapts to the device of your audience member, upholding the brand and creative integrity while ensuring the viewing experience is the same for everyone.  

Data Analytics.png

Data Analytics

Get to know your audience. Dive deep into your analytics to learn how many viewers watched, their stream time, where your visitors are watching from, and on what devices. Homage Live will generate a report for the family after the service is completed.

Reliabble Streams.png

Fail Safe Streaming

With our patented technology, you can stream your event with confidence, knowing that our platform can protect against bad internet connections and interruptions.

We implement our leading edge tech with your existing Internet footprint to ensure every live service has a  reliable and solid connection. Worry less, stream with certainty.

We believe that everyone deserves to be part of a meaningful and respectful funeral service, no matter the circumstances.

Let us help you provide comfort and closure to those who cannot attend in person.
Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can support during this transitioning time.
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