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Funeral Professionals

Reliable Livestreaming For Innovative Funeral Homes

We are quickly moving into a world where digital devices, social media platforms, and mobile apps are an integral part of everyday life. Homage Live is partnering with funeral homes that wish to meet the modern digital needs of their families.


We are experts in the live streaming space and look to be an ally
in your growth.

The Homage Live Difference


One of the number one concerns we hear from Funeral Professionals is regarding reliability of the stream. What happens if our WiFi isn't strong enough? How will we build and manage the system? 

We understand that families choose your home and place their trust for you to deliver, no matter what. That's why we built one of the most reliable streaming platforms in the industry, securing Internet connection from your site to our servers. 

Our patented technology delivers unparalleled reliability & resiliency in Internet coverage. Even if you have sub-par Internet coverage on-site, give us a call. Let us find solutions to help bring your families the exceptional service they expect.

No Interruptions

Homage Live is built with a "family first" approach. We prioritize the viewer's streaming experience. Our promise to you is that there will never be any Ads, or Copyrighted Music interruptions on your stream.

Painless Production

Our goal is to provide an easy and accessible workflow so that our Funeral Home partners can be hands off. Homage Live streams and records the complete service from fixed cameras in your chapel. Your staff just enters the service details, and forwards the stream link to the family.
That's it.


There's no videographers in the back of the room, or clunky camera equipment to setup or break down before and after each service. Small footprint, big results, happy families.

In-House Creative Team

With Homage Live, your funeral home just added it's own an in-house video production agency.

Our Producer, Graphic Designer, and Camera Operators work exclusively for your families to ensure the stream is memorable and meaningful. We manage all of the creative, you get all of the recognition. 

Discover The Powerful Business Benefits Of Homage Live

Every online viewer who watches your live stream will interact with your funeral's brand.

Creating an exceptional streaming experience increases the likelihood that your home will be referred for a similar service in the future.

Increase Exposure

Unique Brand Identity.png

Live streaming is still a relatively new offering in the funeral industry. By offering this service, your funeral home can differentiate itself from competitors and position itself as a modern, innovative, and caring funeral home that meets the needs of your families.

Unique Brand Identity

Growth Opportunites.png

Live streaming can create additional revenue opportunities for your home. Many funeral homes charge for live stream services, and or video recording as professional service fees. 

Growth Opportunties

If you are a Funeral Professional, who is interested in having your funeral services streamed by Homage Live,
let's connect so we may review your options. 
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