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A reliable livestream solution
for funeral homes

Connecting grieving families & friends
through leading edge technology
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Meet Homage Live,an all-in-one streaming solution for funeral homes

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Simple Setup

We set it up once, and you're good to go. Leave the logistics to us.

We navigate, set up, and manage all of the back of house technical components, so you can meet the needs of your loved ones.

We get it, Funeral Directors shouldn't have to be A/V techs. Let us find the perfect camera angles, worry about audio from the microphones, licensed music, Internet connectivity, and answer questions from your streaming audience. 

Better Quality

Life is meant to be celebrated in color. Let us help paint.

We believe that everyone deserves to be apart of a meaningful and respectful funeral service, no matter the circumstances.


At Homage Live each of our streams come with personalized graphics. We want your loved ones to be celebrated as unique individuals, and seen in high definition.

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Tech People

Reliable Streaming 
You Can Trust

We offer fail-safe streaming,100% up-time guarantee for our streams.


At Homage Live, we understand the importance of having a seamless and uninterrupted streaming experience for your service.

That's why we offer a fail-safe streaming solution that comes with a 100% up-time guarantee.

With our patented technology, you can stream your event with confidence, knowing that our platform can protect against bad internet connections, choppy viewing experiences, and interruptions.

Our reliable and secure platform is designed to ensure that your live streaming experience is hassle-free.

Mother and Child


"Due to financial circumstances, my Brother could not travel in person. Using Homage allowed us to celebrate my Father's life and grief together."

Not only did my Brother attend remotely, we also had 73 people watch online. We couldn't accommodate that many additional attendees at our service.

Image by The Good Funeral Guide

Austin Smith,
Bereaving Family Member

Features We Love

We exists at the cross roads of leading edge technology and comprehensive service. Our team is hard at work, building and improving the functionality that will make your service memorable and meaningful.

Proud Members Of:
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