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Video Camera Lens

How It Works

Live remote video production, made simple.

With our proven track record of over 250+ successful live streams viewed in 75+ countries, we have the expertise and experience to handle even the most complex situations. Our leading-edge technology is complemented by our dedicated support team, giving you peace of mind and allowing you to focus on what really matters, grieving families.


Our comprehensive service includes everything from camera equipment and streaming platform, to technical support; ensuring that your remote funeral service runs smoothly and seamlessly.

By choosing Homage Live, you can check remote funeral services off your list and rest assured that everything will be taken care of.

Camera Installation



Our team of professionals install our patented custom video system at your funeral home. We handle the all maintenance and tech, so you can focus on serving your families. 



Funeral Directors schedule the service date, start time, end time and title. 

Home Desk
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Production Crew

Our team designs custom memorial graphics for the program, with photos supplied by the family. 



We send the family a private link for family and friends to watch. 

Digital social media
Japanese Funeral



At event time our remote camera operators produce your live event, just as if they were on-site. Your audience may watch live or watch later.

We believe that everyone deserves to be part of a meaningful and respectful funeral service, no matter the circumstances. Let us help you provide comfort and closure to those who cannot attend in person.


Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can support during this time of transition.

  • What equipment do we need to get started?
    We will supply your home with certified and tested equipment that is promised to deliver. Our equipment list includes all of the cameras, encoders and cables, needed to hook up to your existing system in your chapel/room. Our professional install team ensures everything is compatible and works well together.
  • Can we use custom graphics in our streamed service?
    Yes! Our custom graphics allow your loved ones to be front and center for their remote audience, personalizing your service. We create professional broadcast graphics for your families that help give your livestream a polished look and puts a warm touch on your service.
  • We don’t have a great Internet connection, can this still work?
    Yes! The beauty about our setup is that we can deliver in some of the most technically challenged environments. If your Internet connection on site is not the most reliable, resulting in a bad streaming experience, we can improve streaming delivery with our patented technology. Our team will run broadband diagnostics and deliver a solution to determine the most streamlined pathway to improve your on-site coverage.
  • Is the equipment checked to prevent technical errors?
    Yes. An hour before every stream, we run a system test of all of the equipment and system connections. Additionally, our system performs routine quality checks around the clock to ensure the platform is secure and ready for your next stream.
  • Who sets it up?
    We do. We set everything up. Our team will setup and test all of the equipment on site. We will create a technical profile of your location, outlining cable runs, Internet router location and all AV equipment needed for the install. After install, we run a series of quality assurance checks and your Funeral Home signs off before we move forward.
  • Is my website private?
    Yes, you have the option of selecting a public or private service. Public service – viewable by all Private service – password protected and only viewable by whom you share the link with All services are security protected by the industry’s highest ISO cyber standards.
  • Is this different than Zoom or Facebook streaming?
    Yes, Zoom, Facebook, YouTube and other free streaming platforms come with their own challenges and can be very troublesome. Facebook and YouTube have very strict DCMA/ Content restrictions that can limit your audio or music during the stream. It has been known to mute audio or music that it deems questionable or infringes upon copyright law. This would mean your audience can view the service, but would not be able to hear anything. Oh no! At Homage Live, we have secured music performance licenses and a music webcasting licenses. The music license allow our funeral homes to play (perform) any live or recorded music at any service and at any location. Zoom streaming also comes with it’s own challenges. In order to view the service your viewer will need to have a Zoom account created. Often Zoom viewers unmute microphones, which interrupt the streaming experience for other viewers. The management of this live Zoom communication falls upon the Funeral Director, adding more to their plate unnecessarily. Our platform does not allow for others to interrupt the service, so everyone may watch the ceremony the way it was intended to be shared.
  • What does your production team do?
    Each funeral home will be assigned a Client Success Manager. Our Manager will be your main point of contact and your guide on our streaming journey. They will walk you through our onboarding, install & setup, production, and support. Our Producer works directly with the family to ensure all the graphics, and customization of the stream is created as intended. We have a team of graphic designers who customize each service, as well as a technician who oversees all of the equipment and quality assurance before and during the stream.
  • Can we get a copy of the video?
    Yes! A digital download of the service will be available for those who wish to watch the service after the live event has concluded.
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