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Saturday, April 27, 2025 \\ 11:00am EST.

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Ina May Christian, of Cutler Bay, Florida passed away Peacefully on Thursday, March 28, 2024, surrounded by family and friends. Ina was born in Orange River, St Mary, Jamaica.

A Celebration of Life

“Her” lord said unto her, ‘ Well done, good and faithful servant; thou hast been faithful
over a few things, I will make thee ruler over many things: enter thou into the joy of thy lord.’
Matthew 25:23


“There goes a living Angel...” is what patients used to say about Sister Ina May Christian. The second of six children, Ina was born on March 30th, 1941, in Orange River, St. Mary Jamaica, West Indies. “Cherrie,” as she was affectionately called, was a bright and gifted child, who could effortlessly read any of the books her older sister, Beryl Morgan brought home from school. The tight bond between the two sisters has endured over their lifetimes. Even as adults they were regarded as inseparable twins.

Recognizing Ina’s uncanny intellect, her beloved mother thought Ina should be in school. When she took her, the headmaster, although impressed with Ina’s ability, was struck by her tiny stature. He advised Mother Lee, "Teck her home and give her porridge cause she so likkle bit." Although petite, every person who knew Ina, knows her heart, mind and spirit were massive.

Ina, our living angel, was clearly touched by God’s hands because her spiritual life began as a young girl with a hunger for Jesus that was undeniable. Her early zeal was unparalleled which is why she was in such high demand from neighboring churches. Her participation in Christmas and Easter celebrations was highly valued which is why her mother made sure that she was available whenever needed. Although Ina excelled as a student; even skipping the second grade; her gifts were just starting to blossom. She continued to build a noteworthy career as a highly celebrated nurse.

In 1968, Ina successfully passed First, Second and Third Year Jamaica Local Exams and graduated from Kingston Hospital School of Nursing. From 1969 to 1970, she served as a registered Nurse at Linstead Hospital until she was recruited by the renowned St. Barnabas Hospital in the Bronx, New York.


The talented nurse accepted the position and migrated to the United States, arriving in New York City, where she worked at Saint Barnabas Hospital as a Neuro/Med/Surgical Nurse and Recovery Room Nurse for 12 years. Soon after establishing herself in New York, she met Ludlow Christian whom she married.
Their union produced two loyal and remarkable children, Charise and Kevin Christian. Ina’s
love for her children was unshakeable; they were the light of her life.


Always selfleess, Ina sponsored her mother and two younger sisters; Nordia Lee and
Sonia Poyser so they could come to America. With no one being left behind, Ina’s strong belief

in education led her to be instrumental in the education of her school-aged nieces and neph-
ews in Jamaica. Generously, she provided the endless necessities required for them to succeed

in school.

After she and her husband Divorced and went their separate ways, the family relocated to Miami, Florida in 1982 . She worked at what is now known as Baptist Health Doctors Hospital in Coral Gables for 26 years as a Certied Oncology Nurse and a Certied Preceptor where her nursing knowledge grew exponentially. With her new certication, she tenderly mentored and oversaw, younger nurses, who cherished her expert guidance.
All of Ina’s family members and close friends were awed by her expertise and passion for nursing which was her life’s purpose. Everyone close to Ina were blessed beyond measure, as they enjoyed the luxury of having her as the go-to person for medical concerns and advice. It goes without saying, she was always right! She really should have been a doctor.

In 1984, Ina gave her heart to the Lord and became a member of Perrine New Testament Church of God, now Kingdom Builders Ministry, under the faithful leadership of Bishop Dr. James Walden and Pastor Angella Wisdom. Our dear angel was simply the best of the best. None of us will ever forget her compassion and how deeply she loved all of us. Professionally, she was praised and rewarded with such accolades as Employee of the year in 1986, Most Caring Nurse in 1999 and Most Clinically Versatile Nurse in 2005. Her patients would often say, “Ina, I feel so safe when you are here.” We all do.

After 38 rewarding years of excelling in the nursing profession, she retired in 2006. Although, she may have left the hospital, she continued her duties, devotedly becoming the selfless primary caregiver for her mother, Mother Ivy Lee, who went to be with the Lord at the amazing age of 100.

In 2014 Ina’s immediate family was expanded to include daughter-in-law Melissa and a fun, spirited, and intelligent grandson Corrick who quickly became the newest joy in her life. Ina is survived by her children Charise and Kevin Christian, sisters Beryl Morgan, Nordia Lee and Sonia Poyser , brother Norris Lee and Grandson Corrick Chancelor and many lovely extended family members and friends.

What will we do without Ina May Christian? She was the family historian, who reveled in her mission to keep us close? We will continue to feel her guiding light and always know that she is an irreplaceable cornerstone of our clan. Ina May Christian lived a pure and simple life that was pleasing to the Lord, and for that, we are forever proud. Without our Ina, we will order our steps based on the one scripture that defined her life: “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”


In the fall of 1965 … a group of nursing students were selected by a body of nursing scholars and educators, after extensive interviews, to be trained as Diploma Certified Nurses. The selecting committee were searching for ‘the best of the best’ and the qualities needed to become great nurses. We were about 60 individuals coming from varied backgrounds, from across the island of Jamaica, to be trained at Kingston Public Hospital School of Nursing. Among them was Ina May Evans from the parish of St. Mary. We were KPH-Batch11, the name we are forever known.

Batch 11 made history from the beginning. It was the first time in the island’s history that Registered Psychiatric trained nurses were allowed into the general nursing program, a milestone at the time. Unnerved, fearful of the unknown, determined, and somewhat excited, we became a unified bunch assisting each other to achieve. The more experienced Psychiatric trained nurses provided us newbies reassurance and guidance. The collaboration was gratifying as there were no conditions of hierarchy, only shared respect for one another prevailed. Some lifelong friendships began then. In addition, we had an enduring group of sister tutors (educators), unit clinicians as well, who guided, challenged and provided the right tools for us to achieve success.

Our program was difficult. We knew that from the beginning and were aware that the first three months would determine if you remained in the program. We went full force. Friendships were formed early, and we withstood the testing and endured. One such was developed between Ina, Veta, Cherrie and Dorothy. Initially, they formed as a study group and ultimately working together at the same hospital at Linstead, post-graduation. They traveled together for their first jobs in the USA at St. Barnabas Hospital in the Bronx, NY. Inevitably life progressed and the separation started to change the dynamics such as marriages and children. Charise and Kevin were Ina’s bundles of joy. God parenting was an expected mix. Relocation occurred but friendship endured throughout their lives. Sadly, Cherrie died in March of 2023.

In 2009, forty years after graduation in 1968 KPH Batch 11 met for our 40th Years Anniversary celebration in Jamaica. Thanks to the initiative of Revalyn McLean -McKoy who started a search for her batchmates. She was later joined by others. The timing was just right and led to a 40 Year Reunion celebration. It was the first time a lot of us had seen each other since graduation. Astonishingly, Ina still had that million-dollar smile, which radiated her sincerity and kindness. Her figure was still slender, the envy of some while at nursing school. At the occasion we honored all parties and KPH who helped us to be successful in our career journey. We could not forget to honor our Batch mates who had passed on, which was 8 of them at the time. Ina was one of the candle bearers memorializing the loss of Sherlock Scarlett.

From this celebration came renewed connections. With a forty-year gap for many, there was a lot of catching up to do. My renewed connection with Ina began when she attended my mother’s 90th Birthday celebration. This followed when my sister and I went to spend a day, which turned into almost a 2 day stay. I was able to attend her mother's funeral as well, and saw where her source of spiritual nourishment was coming from. With social media eminence, our KPH Batch 11 were better able to keep in touch on a larger scale. We did catch up to varying degrees, didn't we?

After more than 50 years of dedicated and committed nursing service in her home country and in the USA, Ina was called home. A life of service and dedication to those who could not do it for themselves, was done without fanfare, and were hallmarks of Ina’s life.

In honoring Ina’s life, let us remember Charise and Kevin (her children), her immediate family, friends and colleagues. Ina, your Nurses’ apron, uniform, cap, shoes, stockings, some long retired are all now retired, but what can’t be retired are our early months of pre and post student nurse’s conferences where we were guardians of each other and hoping that we could all get it right. We evidently did, graduating in 1968 a group of 77 graduates. We went on to become stalwarts of nursing. Batch11 of KPH, bid you farewell, you will be missed greatly but we also celebrate your goodness and graciousness and are proud that you are one of us.


Peace and blessings!

Norma R Atherton

For Batch11-KPH, Class of 1968.




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